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Welcome to Greener Events~

Rethinking events from the Earth on up!

At special events, we have the unique capacity to both reduce waste in public venues and to send participants away with valuable lessons on how to live lighter on the planet all the time. California has zero waste goals AND we have supremely engaged planetary citizens!  Our cities and counties are focused on waste diversion and resource management, and it's easy to make soil rather than trash with all our organic waste.  Attendees relish being able to send their "waste" to a higher place than the landfill and tell us so all the time.

"Green Mary" is the very well established in the San Francisco Bay Area, running ten years strong. We live here and love HERE.  Many are involved in local policy-making and participate vigorously in eco-education on-goingly. All of us are passionate about wasting nothing.  With over 100 employees per year, we had our hands on the organic waste, the recycling and the minimized "landfillables" at nearly 100 events last year.  From marathons and street festivals to conferences and enormous concerts in Golden Gate Park, we exist to take all waste management matters off the shoulders of event producers, conference planners, venue operators and municipalities.

Ask us how!

Green Citizens of the Bay Area Unite!  Now that you're doing and being green out at public events, visit the EPA's website

25 easy steps you can take to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, increase the nation's energy independence AND save money!

Our inimitable Green Team   thrives on making sure we made as little trash as possible. We set up systems for composting and recycling, do the hauling and sort every bag to get to diversion rates of over 90%.  Pre-event consulting and customized systems to grounds cleaning and final reports.

Reuse trumps recycling!
Water refill stations are a central inclusion at our green events as we focus on the reduction of one-time use plastic water bottles.  With a water filtration unit, a stainless steel, four-spigot dispenser and many other dispensers such as ceramic crocks and big "igloos," we can set up enough units for a 15,000 person event.  Also available - reusable dishware for small Sonoma County events - lending library for non-profits, school functions and all manner of eco-events!

User-friendly EcoStations have signage to display what goes where. With color-coded containers (green=compost/organic waste, blue=recycling, black=landfill), the lids have event-specific signage.  We use all existing resources to help save you money while providing ample containers for the entire event.  We research what goes where and educate attendees by locale. For small to mid-sized events, we use tiny trash cans beside large compost and recycling containers to make the point that there's no trash here. Watch the attendees figure it out!

Check out Green Mary in action, acheiving a 98% diversion rate at Winesong event!